2005 to 2011

I was now owning a decent camera and because it allowed me to take good pictures my MMEB fever was rising. It got really bad in the years 2001-2005 when we went to see about 50 concerts. Singer Noel McCalla has left the band, and the band's line-up has changed again. Peter Cox was lead singer from October 2009 to March 2011. He too has now left the band and has been replaced by Robert Hart (Bad Company, Company of Snakes). I like his performance as he has got an excellent voice and shows a positive stage presence. Manfred has revived the infamous portable keyboard from the 80s (most probably an up-to-date version with 2011 technology inside).

zu meiner Startseite - Paul Bossenmaier

2001 to 2005

My first MMEB-concert was in 1979 at the Böblinger Sporthalle. I took tons of pictures from row 156 with a cheap camera - so no surprise except for a fan group shot the pictures were rubbish. But MMEBs music grew on me day by day, so I went to all of their Stuttgart-area concerts. At that time they were touring Germany every two years. When Chris Thompson left, it seemed MMEB had disbanded. Because internet wasn't happening yet, information was hard to get. But in the early 90s it happened to come across a poster saying MMEB on tour with a new singer - Noel McCalla - and the announcement of a number of gigs in the Black Forest, and I found myself following MMEB again.

zu meiner Startseite - Paul Bossenmaier

Manfred Mann's Earth Band live im Kraftwerk Rottweil - 22. August 2010

Absoluteley fantastic gig of MMEB with the wonderful voice of Noel McCalla - including an unbeatable show and an Earthband in best mood. Short setlist - but each song in XXL-version, so the concert was nearly two hours. Setlist contains Spirits - Castles - Martha - Bobby - Dancing - 56 - Father - Carol - Blinded - Davy - For You - Quinn. Thanks to the band an the fans all over the Manfred Mann's Earth!

Sziget-Festival Budapest

10.- 17. August 2010

Das 18. Sziget-Festival in Budapest ein kultureller wie auch musikalischer Leckerbissen - denn das vielfältige Programm bot wirklich für jeden etwas. Herrliche Location auf der Donau-Insel mit kulinarischem Drumrum - und ca. 400.000 Besuchern während der gesamten Veranstaltung.

Für mich persönlich die Highlights Ill Nino, Children of Bodom, Nina Hagen, Monster Magnet, Fear Factory - und der absolute Superkracher Iron Maiden. Das neue Album "Final Frontier" noch etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber die Bühnen-Show gigantisch wie immer!

Zwischendurch genügend Zeit, um das einzigartige Ambiente der ungarischen Hauptstadt live zu erleben. Teilweise war's fast schon urlaubsverdächtig!

Manfred Mann's Earth Band live in Mosbach - 29. April 2011

Some weeks ago the topnews on MMEB Messageboard: Singer Robert Hart is the new voice of Manfred Mann's Earth Band. This message was very exciting so I wanted to know how this man is live on stage. Wow wow wow - yesterday evening MMEB stopped at their tour at Mosbach/Germany and this was a brilliant gig. First of all: Manfred Mann back on stage like a hurricane, with a new mobile keyboard - and a powerful dancing show. The new voice of Robert Hart - wonderful - and the person very sympathic. Each of the band in best mood and like a family. Thank you Mick, Steve and Jimmy - you did a very good job with a lot of fun. Setlist with little changings - but most of the songs with a positive freshup and of course the new voice of Robert. Manfred - it was a big pleasure to enjoy you back on stage - you are a wonderful legend. Your new song "Boots" at Youtube will get a hit.